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Welcome to DroDispensaries. We are the most trusted source of information and location of legal marijuana dispensaries across the United States. Within our full directory, we list and rank dispensaries of medical and recreational cannabis, taking into account their consistency, quality of product, and customer service. You can search for dispensaries by state and city, whether a dispensary sells recreational or medical marijuana, or both, and keep track of in which states cannabis has been legalized (and to what extent). DroDispensaries provides you with the best marijuana dispensary for any city in the U.S.

The DroDispensaries’ Philosophy and Mission.

Not only do we believe in the right to cannabis, but we also believe that people who are prescribed medical marijuana or choose to use marijuana recreationally deserve to pick from the best sources of legal cannabis. To that end, DroDispensaries provides patients, consumers and travelers with the most useful, updated information, including menus and reviews for local marijuana dispensaries, as well as current events related to the marijuana industry and marijuana legislation. We endorse clean, sustainable, and fully legal methods of growing cannabis (as compliant with state and municipal laws).

DroDispensaries is also glad to help showcase local business, highlighting the best marijuana dispensaries and what they offer, in any part of the U.S. Many of the businesses within our directory do more than simply offer a supherb product and great service. They have a strong ethos around their customers and the community they are based in which goes way beyond what’s bagged up behind the counter. They are committed, as we are at DroDispensaries, to supporting the local economy, giving back to the community, and promoting the safe, healthy and informed consumption of cannabis.

 What is the difference between medical and recreational marijuana? Which type of dispensary should I search for?

Only a dispensary with a retail license can sell recreational marijuana. Laws may vary by state and city, but currently, in Colorado and Washington, where marijuana is fully legal, only those 21 and older can purchase and carry specific, limited amounts of marijuana in closed containers.

To obtain medical marijuana from a medical marijuana dispensary, it is necessary to have a prescription from a doctor, and that prescription and patient ID on file with the dispensary. Some states will issue a marijuana card, and not all states, but some, will recognize patients and marijuana cards from other states.

And just to let you know, it’s still illegal to smoke in public, or pretty much anywhere but your home. Be sure to check the law as it applies to your area. Denver, Colorado law, for example, prohibits marijuana consumption in any form if it is visible to the public. Meanwhile, it falls on hotels and other hospitality organizations to determine whether or not it is permitted to smoke or consume marijuana in designated rooms.

Essentially, if you want to toke, we’re happy to help you find the best stuff out there in terms of quality, customer experience, and legality. Just make sure you do it in private!

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